Matakana Mobile Valet offers a range of superior quality seals and treatments for vehicle finishing. Our treatments give a longer lasting finish and work to keep your vehicle in top condition between valets servicing. Contact us directly to discuss your needs.


How it works

SealX is a Polymer Coating, NOT just a wax.

  • SealX actually bonds to the paint, unlike waxes which “sit on top” of the paint.

  • SealX cures with moisture from the air to a nano thin, ultra hard protection.

  • SealX is the first water based polymer. Longer lasting, faster and easier to apply than older, solvent based products.

  • SealX is shielding from UV and moisture, the main enemy in fading paint and gel coats.

  • SealX stops pollutants from reacting with the paint. It makes the surfaces non-stick, reducing maintenance time dramatically

  • SealX leaves a brilliant gloss, a deep shine and a durable UV barrier.

  • SealX coated surfaces can simply be washed with water or any good quality car wash as long as it is PH neutral. Lime deposits from i.e. tank-water can be avoided by lathering off the car after a wash.



Significantly extends the life span of equipment.

  • It dramatically increases reliability in all electrics/electronics up to 39.000 volt.

  • CorrosionX stops electrolysis and rust on compressors, heat pumps and wires.

  • No mess. Quick work. Months of protection.

  • CorrosionX lubricates lift equipment better than PTFE grease, but also crawls back where it was chafed off. No problem to apply over wet, rusty or dirty equipment.

  • CorrosionX cuts back labour hours and cost in your next overhaul process. Saving you money.